Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why does 38 weeks pregnant feel like 102?

Here we are on week 38. What a milestone. Last November I never thought I would see this week come. Now that it is here I'm feeling a little anxious and also very excited. Everything is done and prepared, just waiting on the little one to arrive. She's taking her sweet time. I didn't get the chance to go "power" walking last night, but I'm not making that mistake again tonight.
The baby shower in Montgomery went great! Ashlyn Kay received so many cute presents. She is the luckiest little girl on the planet. Dresses, blankets, hats, etc.. She has more than me! It's so nice to have good friends though. No one seemed to have thought that I had gotten extremely large, but who would say that to your face. Maybe I would say it to someones face but I'm a little outspoken. Just a bit. We will see how everyone feels about my body once this belly is gone and I'm left with this horrible blubber on my arms and thighs. What a pain this is going to be getting it all off. Those blogs should be very entertaining. I will definitely be sweating to the oldies! So, my mother came to Birmingham with us on Sunday. She is being amazing! She has cleaned, cooked, and shopped for me. I feel so Hollywood, like Tori Spelling or something. If only I had a tv show. Jeff and I would entertain the masses with the way it goes around our household. I could definitely get used to having a personal assistant. It's grand.
So Jeff & I go Thursday morning @ 8:45 to find out if anything has changed. Which it hasn't I'm sure of it. Again I will get a crappy report and be sad. I think I might cry this time if she says nothing has happened. I wouldn't be so concerned if I could bend over without having to grunt like a farm animal, but since that isn't the case, the grunting is getting old. I think it scares Lola! Ahhhh...
Really nothing else is going on in the Moran household besides baby preparation. I feel like I'm swinging in to full fledged mommy hood. This is going to be very interesting. More info. to come Thursday...I'm sure everyone is on pins and needles. Ha!

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