Monday, July 7, 2008

Still waiting...

Jeff, my mother, and I went to another appointment today. Of course the office was packed and we should have packed a lunch. It took forever! Oh well though, that is expected. I had another ultrasound to measure the babies amniotic fluid. The sweet tech. decided to check her little face out in 4-D. She looked so squished and fat. Like a sumo baby. I was so excited to see her face again. It was great! The amniotic fluid looked great, which was really good news. They didn't measure her though. Since it had only been 4 days since we last did that. The doctor did another exam and yes, no dilation. We aren't surprised at all. Jeff did find a hidden talent of playing the drums on my head with swab cultures. It was very exciting and now we now how we can make some extra money for the upcoming baby. He hasn't come up with a name for his swab culture band though if anyone has any suggestions, we are listening.
So the doctor decided to send us for another strip test. No nipple stimulation this time. Thank Goodness! The game plan was if all looked well we would see her back on Thursday and do another ultrasound and strip test. If nothing had changed she would admit me Thursday and induce Friday morning. She is really hoping that I either go in to labor before that time or dilate. She is trying very hard to avoid a section.
After they admitted us in to labor and delivery things went well but slow. She wasn't acting appropriately and so I had to drink some caff. and eat some peanut butter. Then she perked up and they sent us home. We went in at 11 and left @ 2:30. I was starving!
We will wait for Thursday, bags packed, and hope we have a baby on Friday sometime.
I will definitely keep everyone updated.

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