Monday, July 14, 2008

And we are off....

Today was our final appointment. Praise Jesus! Speaking of Jesus. I spoke with a man today at Direct TV, because my satellite went out, named (Heyzus), spelled Jesus. He was horrible. He could not speak one stinking word of English. Why, is that? I tried to ask him calmly then not so calmly to please connect with an American. He wouldn't. What was his deal. I mean literally he was speaking half spanish/english and nothing made sense. Then he tried to tell me that I needed to listen. Well how the heck can I listen if I don't understand. I had to yell at him and explain to him that I was having a baby tomorrow and a technician could not come to my house then. Did he not get it! He hung up on me of course and I had to call back which I then was directed to Tracy. Who was American and very easy to understand. Our conversation was much better. sorry..I got off on another subject there. Back to the baby.
We went today. They did another strip test which was fine and check my progress again. I had not made any more progress than what I had last Thursday. Which was a little disappointing. She then decided that we would come in to the hospital tonight around 8:00 p.m. They are going to give me something to get me going and something sleep. Maybe pain meds if I need them. I'm sure I will, I'm such a sissy. Tomorrow morning around 5:00 am the doctor will come by to break my water and then off we go to the races of having a baby. She seems to think labor will progress well and not take all day, but most of the day. So everyone be on standby to hear the exciting news sometime tomorrow afternoon. Jeff will try to get a pic up as soon as he can. This should all be very interesting and you better bet I will blog about it! Who would want to miss Jeff's reaction to everything that he will experience tomorrow.

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