Thursday, July 3, 2008


Just another day at the doctor's office, well sort of. As I suspected there was no progress with my cervix. I'm sure you all care to know about my cervix anyway. Everything else was good. The doctor suggessted that they do an ultrasound to measure the weight of the baby and the amniotic fluid. The baby only measure to weight 6 pounds and 1 ounce. Tiny little girl. This was all very normal. The doctor explained to us that she likes babies at this point to be above the 10th percentile. Ashlyn Kay is in the 11th which isn't very much above that. So they decided today to do a CST. This is a test where you have induce contractions and monitor how the baby reacts. She suspected it would turn out normal but wanted to try to eliminate the reasons for why Ashlyn isn't getting any bigger. She has been around 6 pounds for several weeks now. I am also not gaining anymore weight. I had lost 1/2 today. Oh yea and my weight to date is 28 pounds. I was shocked! Oh well hopefully it won't be hard to shed once I've had her. Hello breastfeeding.

Jeff and I were sent to labor and delivery to do the CST. Although Dr. Christine said she felt there was not need for us to worry I was, naturally. So they admitted me into a room. I got to wear one of those fancy and fashionable hospital gowns with my rear hanging out the back. I was super excited! They strapped the fetal monitors on me and off we went. The nurse explained that they would first check to see if I was having any contractions on my own. Which I knew I wasn't. The next step to start contractions would be a little process called "nipple stimulation." Yes you all read this correctly, nipple stimulation. I thought I would fall off the table. As the nurse awkwardly demonstrated how I would need to do this I tried not to giggle like a 5th grader. Jeff was trying so hard to hold it in. I thought he would have to be restrained. We both acted very serious and professional then lost it after the nurse left the room. So the nurse leaves and I commence nipple rubbing. I had to do it for 2 minutes then stop for 5 and repeat. It was so strange. As I sat there and did this very uncomfortable act my husband, so mature, took unexposed pictures and giggled to himself. He decided at this point that pregnancy was the best thing in the whole world and this moment was well worth it all. If any of you know my husband you will know exactly how he was acting. He did show me today that he is going to be amazing during labor. He was very attentive today and was trying to make me comfortable. It was really nice of him. The nurse finally came in and said that the test turned out well and we could leave. We see Dr. Christine back on Monday, baring I don't have the baby this weekend. Which would be ideal for everyone involved. If I am not dilated on Monday we will return to her office again on Friday for more options and to measure the baby again. We hope she has grown.

So to recap our little adventure today....

Visit at doc-good

Visit at doc-not as good

Labor and Delivery aka hospital gown-rockin

Nipple stimulation-strange and something I was not warned about in my preparing for parenthood class. Sort of felt a little wrong. Maybe I should pray and ask for forgiveness.

Going home, baby ok-great and priceless!

For more details on "nipple stimulation" please call. Demonstrations and facial expressions are definitely needed to experience it all. Kidding!

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