Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello World

I have been so busy updating and managing the twins blog that I let the whole family blog go to the waste side. Bad Kristen. Obviously a lot of stuff has changed in the Moran Family Circus. Funny thing. The circus came to Birmingham and all I could think of was how similar it was to my own family. A ringmaster, ummm ME, the animals, my children (and sometimes my husband), the spectators, all of our friends, and the acts, well those are our daily situations which are some times dangerous, some time comedic, and sometimes simply amazing. Hmmm...

Updates on the home front. Ashlyn Kay is officially potty trained. Well I'm calling it no matter what anyone says. I still make her wear a pull up during the night, but during the day, including nap times, its Dora or Minnie Mouse panty city. She has done so well. I think I am still shocked at how such a small child can grasp such a crazy concept. Children are simply amazing sometimes. So along with our accomplishment has come a attitude, ugh. Even though she is 2 1/2 I guess the terrible two's crept up on us late. She is sassy, bossy, whiny, and right out a pain in my rear on most days. She had the audacity to tell me yesterday that she wasn't going to do something because she was "busy". If I didn't think my neighbors were watching and would have called DHR I probably would have smacked her. If this is ANY indication of how 13 is going to be I want out! I mean need to go on a year long mission trip at that point. I sometimes feel bad for feeling angry at my child but then again I am better than the woman who murdered her children for talking back. I know we all feel like murdering them at times but who actually does it? I guess her.

The twins are growing and just perfect in every way. Yesterday all three of the kids and I loaded up and went to the pediatrician for the twins RSV vaccination that they get monthly. The office is so sweet because they let us just show up and take us through the back door so we aren't exposed to all the germs in the lobby. I prepared myself with bottles, diapers, snack for AK, and Go Diego Go. I was ready! Ashlyn Kay went to the potty several times and got a sucker which she loved. The twins did well with their shots too. They weighed 13 pounds 3 ounces (Palmer) and 12 pounds 12.5 ounces (Blake). Wow! We did wait a good 2 hours because no one told the nurses that we were there. I was a bit miffed! Oh well things happen I guess. All in all we made it out, ALIVE.

Today we are heading to Children's Hospital for Blake to have a ultrasound. Her GI doc wants to have a look at her major gut parts to make sure the anatomy is all correct due to her spitting up. I am going to have them look and see if she has ovaries. I seem to catch myself being concerned about this. I know if she doesn't there is nothing I can do to change this. So it shouldn't matter, but here I am writing I am going to have them check. I will update everyone later.

Also, Jeff's step mother, Martha Moran, is having heart surgery. Please put her in your prayers today!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Outing

Since it was raining all day today Jeff & I decided to make a trip to Leeds, Alabama to the Bass Pro Shop to see the, as AK calls them, Pish. She had such a good time looking at the fish in the fish tank, playing on the boats, and looking at the humane shelter puppy dogs outside. We left crying because she had to leave the pish and the doggies. So sad:(

Hopefully before the end of the holiday weekend we will be able to play outside in the pool and sprinkler.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fun at Kate's Party

Ashlyn Kay's friend, Kate Northington, turned 1 this weekend. We had such a good time at her birthday party at Homewood Park. She played with Hollis, Mary Florence, Riley, & Kate, oh and of course BUBBLES! Here are some of the pictures from the party.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vacation Adventure

Jeff & I headed to Gulf Shores with our friends the Gilmers for a relaxing weekend of fun in the sun, shrimp, and sleep. We arrived on Thursday sans children and we were ready to relax. Within a hour or so we had a couple pounds of shrimp in hand sitting on the pier at the bay having a blast. It was off to a good start. The next morning Lynlee and I went to the Beach Club for our Pre-mothers day massages provided by our sweet husbands. They were amazing! We had a great time just relaxing and then headed to the outlets for some retail therapy. After shopping for a couple of hours we grilled out and then all went to bed. It was a great day! Saturday the sun wasn't out but it still seemed like a day that needed us at the beach. Once we got to the beach the clouds had burned off and we laid out for several hours. The wind was blowing so it was nice and cool. The boys picked up sandwiches and it was great eating them on the sand. We decided we had enough sun and sand and headed back to the house to get ready to hit the dinner scene and florabama. I, absent mindedly, left a package at one of the stores at the outlet on Friday so we ran out there before dinner to pick it up. The boys decided they needed some retail therapy too. I started to feel a little sick and I was a tad bit burnt, but I didn't think it was that bad. By the time we got in the car I felt horrible and dizzy. We ran to the pharmacy to pick me up some Burts Bees Wax after sun care and some Emetrol. I decided I needed to go home and lay down. Sweet Jeff stayed with me while I shivered and slept. I woke up feeling better. Sunday morning, about 30 minutes after I woke, I started having sharp pains in my stomach and back. After rolling around on the bed in tears Jeff said we were heading to the ER. G drove us there in what felt like lightening spread. We waited in the ER for a minute then Jeff yelled at someone and off we went to OB labor & delivery. I was admitted and they started to work. The staff was so nice, slow, but nice. After a battery of test I was told I was severely dehydrated and it caused pre-term labor contractions. The babies were fine and I just needed fluids. They made us stay overnight, Jeff loved the bed-ha, and we finally left Monday morning. So needless to say our relaxing, childless vacation, turned out to end up crappy....but always a adventure! Just another scene from the award winning show called the Moran Circus!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010 (33 photos), by Kristen Moran

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