Monday, January 25, 2010

1st day of official potty training

Today was our 1st day of official potty training. I have attempted off and on over the last month or so, but ended up giving up after one day due to life being too hectic. But after the 3rd time of AK ripping off her diaper because it was either wet or dirty and then trying to put her pants on without a diaper on I have decided she is ready! So we had our potty today, went through 3 pullups and no tee tee in the potty. Everytime she waits until I put her pullups or diaper back on then she wets or dirty's her diaper and then tells me, "diap diap". Which means change my diaper. Ahhh! This is miserable and it has only been 1 day. Please Lord allow AK to be a miracle child and potty train by the weekend. haha! I will keep you posted on our progress or possible lack their of.