Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday so far. I got to lay around in my Poppa B's arms and nap all day long. Then I sat in my bumbo seat and played until I was tired again. Then my cousin Hannah held me for hours and let me lay there and sleep. Turkey is very tiring! Whew, What a day! Then we went to my Meme and Papa the Greats and I played more and got to wear those very fun glasses. I felt like a rockstar! Thanksgiving is the best day ever! Gobble, Gobble.

Thanksgiving Week and Iron Bowl

Sunday, November 2, 2008

ER Trip

I'm sick, YUCK!

Our perfectly happy and pleasant baby reared her ugly head today. Last night she woke up screaming bloody murder, scared me to death. Normally, crying means hungry. So we tried to feed her and she would have nothing of it. I tried to calm her down but nothing was working. Jeff doesn't handle her crying so he was upset and a little concerned. I thought that she was just having a bad day. Finally she fell asleep and I put her back in the crib. She woke us up again screaming her little red head off. This time I almost fell out of the bed because she had chosen last night to decide to roll over all by herself. She was faced against the bumper pad eating it. I ran into her room and grabbed her like she was on fire. I thought maybe her rolling over scared her and that was why she was upset. So we decided to put her in the bassinet and let her sleep with us. Her screaming continued until 8:00 am today. I called my sister and she came over to give us some rest. I had given her gas drops, Tylenol, etc. and nothing worked. We decided to take her temp. again. I had taken it in the ear because I refuse to take it rectally. It is scary. Kala, my sister, did it for me and 100.7 was what it read. I called the ped. who then told me to take her to the ER at children's. Hello, I was a little freaked out. We headed downtown, of course with my human food disposal next to me begging for food. Of course I would not let him stop. BTW, Children's has metal detectors and I find that odd. Anyway, the nurses took her temp again and it was now 101.9. Jeff finally got Burger King and we ate onion rings while we waited for the doc. The ped. who was so sweet and nice gave her a full exam and decided that in the end she had a nasty ear infection. Bless her heart! So that was another eventful day in motherhood. Ear Infections are hateful! I took some pics while we were there so capture the moment. So for all you future mommies....screaming + fever = Ear Infection/Children's ER