Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Easter 2010 (33 photos), by Kristen Moran

I'd like to share my Snapfish photos with you. Once you have checked out my photos you can order prints and upload your own photos to share.
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Terrible Two's are upon us

Lately Ashlyn Kay has been a "little" testy at times. I chalked it up to one thing or the other and denied to myself that the terrible two's were here. They officially arrived On April 2, 2010! After arriving at the home of the Samford's (my employer), Ashlyn Kay, Cameron, & I all began to play on the play mat as we do each morning. Things were fine until Cameron was standing up at a musical table and AK knocked her down (on purpose) because it was and I quote, "mine, mine"! Obviously cameron got very upset. I was embarrassed and irritated that ashlyn kay had decided to be violent to stake her claim. So while soothing Cameron, AK and I took a walk upstairs to her tent and yes I said tent to where she had time out for 5 minutes. Once her timeout was over with I tried to explain to her that is not how sweet little girls act and that she had to apologize to "kiki". We came downstairs and she gave "kiki" a hug. Then cameron wanted to play with another toy which was no where near AK. But ohhhhh noooo....not gonna happen. AK ran over to that area screaming "mine, mine, mine" and when I told her no she could not do that she threw her toy across the room and gave me that devil look! Someone got her butt tore up then back to the tent! Now I would like to remind you all that this was within a 15 minute period of walking in the door this morning. Can we say...bad morning? After our 2nd timeout of the day and a spanking she seemed to be kinder and made me think she realized what was going on. Thank goodness nap time was close. I always feel bad when I spank her and put her in timeout but I don't want her to be the bully kid. I texted Jeff and told him what "his" daughter was doing and he said, "she's your daughter". I reminded him that I was the child who never got spanked nor put in time out because I was a precious angel!! ha! Then reminded him he was the 1st child to be sent to in school suspension at age 5! Now you be the judge...daddy's daughter or mommy's daughter?