Monday, September 29, 2008


Life sure is different

Saturday morning, bright and early, Jeff, AK, and I set out for our 1st adventure in Auburn. Ashlyn Kay's first tailgating experience. How exciting! The ride to Auburn was pleasant. Sometimes she would get a little fussy and Jeff would have to read the latest headlines of the day to her. She liked it and made her fall right back asleep. It would have made me fall asleep too so I completely understand! We first dropped by the Beta Theta Pi house to see "MOM." We entered in to a very quite frat house. It was 9:00 am, what should I expect. We headed straight for mom's room. It is still strange going in there and actually talking to her when all I used to do was accidentally ram myself up against her door because I wasn't able to stand up very well. Oh, the days have changed. We sat with her and talked. It was nice. As we exited her room we all stood in the foyer of the frat house and talked for a bit more. The pledges all sat on the couch and just stared at us. 4 years ago I would have totally thought they were checking me, no, they were wondering why at 9 am there was a baby, crying in their fraternity house. Birth control! We left, parked, and unloaded the massive amount of gear. We started with our rounds. BTW, Auburn is not very stroller and wheelchair friendly. I think this needs to be addressed. The Haley Center was booming and we stopped by. Again, we had to sit in the middle of the haley center and feed her. People, especially, older people are fascinated by a baby dressed in orange and blue. She was like a side show. We should have charged admission. We could have killed! Then we headed over to some more of Jeff's friends tailgates. Again people were shocked that Jeff had procreated and made such a cute baby. I was a little insulted by that. Do people think I honestly had nothing to do with it? Seriously! My girls tailgate was next. By this time it was hot, I was sweating, and smelling like maple syrup (another blog for that one), and getting a little tired. Everyone is just amazed that a baby exist in my life. They are shocked I have traded in my beautiful red and white Budweiser bottles for Avent, natural feeding bottles. Me too to be honest! My parents met up with us, thank goodness. I would like to give props to the people who provide the bathroom trailers. They have fabo. mother/baby changing rooms. It was sweet. Again something I never thought would concern me. The Beta tent was last. Everyone gathered around like we had an endangered species in the stroller. To some, Jeff having a cute baby girl, is sort of like an endangered species. They oohed, laughed, made jokes at Jeff's expense and then gave the old pat on the back and the ataboy! After trucking it back to the ends of the earth to our car we headed out of my beloved town. The day was definitely different, but at least Ashlyn Kay now can say, once she darkens the plains of auburn, that she has been coming their since birth, literally. Good times. I love you Auburn!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

1st week of daycare

My 1st week at daycare

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AK first week

Last week was AK's first week at Mrs. Shannon's house. It was pretty hard to go back to work and leave her for 8 hours. I missed her so much and thought about her all the time. I found myself talking about her to anyone that would listen. Luckily for me I have a wonderful lady who keeps her. She sends me pics all day long of my angel and lets me know how she is doing. It is really nice to have that. It is now Sunday and we have made it through the week without a nervous breakdown. I'm pretty proud of myself! AK actually really loves it there. She sleeps all the time and is eating well. Shannon says she never cries, not even once. I think it is going to work out wonderfully. I have posted some pics of her throughout the week while she was there.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Kristen has been sentanced.....

Judge Jeff has imposed a sentance of a life time ban to kristen moran from blogging after her latest flagrant posting of "To much info" This is a Class A felony and carries the stiffist of penalty's.

Lucky for her, she hired a good lawyer. Judge Jeff has suspended her sentance pending a probationary period of 6 months. If she violates her court ordered supervision postings, this blog is dead. If she passes w/good behaivor, the blog lives.

Court is ajorned.