Wednesday, August 26, 2009

13 months

Ashlyn Kay is now 13 months old, well actually she is half way through this month too. She is growing so fast and like a weed. I thought I would just update all of you who don't see her very often on her newest tricks!
First off-we are a super runner now. She runs as fast as her little legs will carry her back and forth across the room (screaming of course)! She really likes to shout out every now and then. For those of you who know my sister, Kala, this should come as no surprise since AK is just like her Aunt Kala. Scary....
She can say...momma, dadda, poppa, de-da (kala), do-da (lola), bad dog (ha), doggie, turdle (turtle), tyega(tiger), and tankchu (thank you). I am so glad that I can interpret AK language. They def. didn't teach me this at Auburn. Of course her BeBe is pissed because there is no attempt at this one single most important word. Guess she is going to have to change her name to one of the words listed above.
She is getting so big and smart. When she gives you a kiss she always follows it with thank you. Which is so adorable and it melts your heart. She likes to pull her dress above her head and run around screaming-thanks Lynlee for that! She hates hair bows and every little girl who wears one. She is always trying to pull out the hair bows of the girls in the nursery at church and Cameron. She has become this walking-talking-screaming little person who is obviously not a baby anymore. So sad :( I miss the baby in her.
I think that is about it and I am sure there will be more to come. I will post pictures of her soon.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ant Bites

So after the fun pictures of her playing in the water hose we realized she was eaten up with fireant bites. They looked very normal last night. This morning they looked pus filled and red and inflammed. We didn't think much because most antbites look that way. As the day continued on we realized that these antbites weren't getting better. Around 3 p.m. we decided to call the oncall nurse at our pediatrician. She was totally alarmed and told us to take her to the Children's Hospital E.R. Ok, so a little freaked out we took her down there. Sure enough she had some type of allergic reaction to the fireant venom. Which caused them to pus up and spread. The doc gave her a antibiotic and benadryl for the next 10 days. Obviously we have sensitive skin issues. Of course she didn't care and was playing, running, falling, and bouncing around like normal AK. What a trooper.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Water Hose Fun

So as I was cleaning off the patio with the waterhose, waiting on daddy to come..someone decided to play in the water. I thought she would get upset with it spraying her like that, but oh no..she wanted to drink it like a dog. Hilarious! She had the best time splashing around and trying to drink the water. She got soaked but couldn't have had more fun.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So funny thing happened on the way to work...

I am almost to work this morning. AK in back chatting away. I see a Homewood police officer come up behind me from nowhere. I actually, for once, wasn't speeding. Hehe! He turns on his lights and so I pull over. He walks over to the car and ask for my drivers license. Well, first off, I had to get out and open the trunk, dig through the diaper bag, and find my wallet. He laughs. On to our next task. He lets me know that my cartag is expired. I knew this of course and quickly pull out my new tag and my new sticker. I have had this tag since June. My father-in-law went and got my tag. He of course picks the ugliest tag there was. So in rebellion I decide to not put it on. He laughs when I tell him the story. As we are sitting here discussing this my daughter is in the back going, "Bye Bye". Over and over again. Waving of course too. He laughs again and let's us go. I see a future for AK and I getting out of many a ticket! Ha!