Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Auburn Outfit & Weekend with BeBe & Poppa

Mommy took me took me to Georgia to spend the weekend with my Poppa & my Bebe. I had so much fun with them. Mommy bought me a new Auburn dress with matching bloomers & hairbow. I love it! When we went to Bebe's
school mommy let me wear my hippo backpack and Poppa pulled the lease. I love my backpack so much. We met all of her teacher friends and the principal. Then we left and went to eat Mexican. I love beans oh so much.
Saturday we went shopping and then I got to ride in the big girl cart and drive it at Publix. I had so much fun. I didn't like it when it would stop though, so I would shake it and then it would go. Yippee!
Sunday mommy, poppa, and bebe took me to Cracker Barrell. My new favorite place to eat! I ate pancakes. Man were they yummy. Hmmmm......! Then we went shopping and Poppa rode me around in my stroller all day. Oh so relaxing. After that I fell asleep. Yawn. We ate at my very, most favorite place in the whole world, Sticky Fingers. I had cheerios, chicken wings, french fries, and apples. I was so full and tired so I went to bed when we got home. Monday, mommy brought me home and I was so happy to see Doda and Fossi and Dadda.
I had a wonderful time in Georgia and can't wait to go back!

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