Friday, September 25, 2009

Strep Throat is no joke

This week has been amazing!-NOT! Yes, I just brought back the 80's/90's. Ashlyn Kay started running a fever last Friday at my grandmother's. By Sunday she was not feeling well at all. Monday Jeff took her to the pediatrician. She had strep throat. What? I couldn't believe my little angel had strep throat. She also had a cold and is cutting her eye teeth. She was in bad shape. She has been so so sick and has basically cried for days on end. After making 3 trips to the pediatrician this week (they love us!) they discovered that because of her infection and multiple antibiotics that her reflux had returned. So finally after 2 antibiotics, tylenol, motrin, and now prevacid and carafete she is better. We are fever free and she is finally eating and drinking. My sweet Meme came and stayed this week and helped out. Thank Goodness! This was the sickest she has ever been in her short 14 months of life. I never want her to be this sick again!

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