Tuesday, August 12, 2008

OMG! How I have missed blogging. We have been down a computer so I haven't been able to write. So much has gone on since I last wrote. I am full on mommy now. I eat, sleep, and breathe mommyhood. It is actually great! We wake, we eat, we sleep, and then start all over again. Ashlyn Kay is such a good baby. She actually almost sleeps through the night. We have had several days of not sleeping so much and many poop diapers but nothing to hang myself about. She is starting to become more aware of her surroundings. She knows the sound of our voices. I know this because when I put her down in her crib to sleep and she screams, loudly, I can walk in to the room talking and she stops crying. She loves to be held and bumped as I call it. The doctors say when she smiles that it is just gas, but I refuse to believe it. I think she is cracking up about something. Some of the fun moments have been when she explodes and I mean explodes in to her diaper. It leaks out all over the place and then once we are all cleaned up she decides to tee tee on whatever. Including me! That was a great time. Last night we let her sleep in her crib. We have one of those video monitors. So you know I had a sharp eye on it all night long. I felt like I was watching reality tv. It worked out well though. I hope tonight goes as well as last night did. I am really dreading going back to work because I am having a great time being a mom and enjoying her every waking and sleeping moments. Now that we have a computer again I promise to keep everyone up to date on our little lives.

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