Saturday, August 16, 2008

1 month old

We made it! Ashlyn Kay is 1 month old yesterday. So it is is very hard to kill them. I can't believe I have survived a whole month of being a mommy and taking care of a newborn baby. I'm pretty lucky though since she is so good. Still I'm pretty freaking proud of myself. I have to give credit to her daddy too. He's doing a great job. I didn't think we would make. So now we just have like a million years left. YAY! At least we have reached one milestone. Its better than nothing.
Update on our life:
The baby has developed acid reflux like what seems to be every other American baby. BTW..I asked her pediatrician why so many babies have reflux. He told me that what doctors categorized as colic now know that it is actually reflux. colic is bogus! So now they are finding that babies do produce acid and have problems with digestion especially in the early weeks and months. Ashlyn's will probably disappear around 4-5 months or so he thinks. Good news though, he put her on prevacid and told me to put rice cereal in her bottles. I thought I would cry with joy when he gave me the go ahead about the rice cereal. We have only done it for 1 day but I feel like she is sleeping a little better. Last night she slept from 10:00-3:45. I woke up in a panic because I hadn't heard her cry at her normal time of 12:30. It was great! She slept soundly. Today she has been fussy though. We put her in the bouncer, the bassinet, the crib and rocked her all day long. We finally drug out her travel swing which actually swings back and forth. She went right to sleep. So now every time it stops Jeff and I about bust our tails trying to get to the swing to turn it back on. I don't want it to ever stop. It's a miracle. Thank you boppy!
I added some new pics of her taking a bath and swinging in her swing today and the other day. Enjoy!

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