Saturday, January 24, 2009

Plop goes the milk

I had to tell everyone this. It was hilarious. Today I was out shopping with my sister, mother, AK, and myself. Since it was a little chilly we decided to stop off at Starbucks in Homewood. There weren't many people in there, but enough. We had gotten our coffee and a gigantic cookie (hmmm good) and were sitting down to enjoy it all. AK was hungry so I fed her a bottle and all was well. Since we were now done I decided to change her before heading back out. Mother picked her up out of her stroller and was passing her on to me. In a split second milk came from deep down inside her belly and out of her mouth right onto the tile floor of starbucks. Plop! That is literally the sound it make. I mean it shot out like a bullet. I just stood there in shock. I didn't know whether to run out of starbucks or fall out laughing. So as I bend over to wipe up her spit up I start laughing hysterically and can't stop laughing. The people sitting at the table near us were of course disgusted and turned their heads. I mean seriously it was pretty funny. I told my mother that it was a good thing that I don't get embarrassed. Life as a mother is never dull, not even at starbucks. HA!

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