Monday, April 13, 2009

Everything goes to the mouth...and I mean EVERYTHING

Today after AK was done with swim lessons we were getting dressed in the ladies locker room. I had taken off my wedding rings to put on our lotion. I accidently knocked them off when moving a towel. I looked down at the floor and little girl already had them in her hands. I picked them up and set them back on to the counter. I realized that I was missing my engagement ring. I started to panic a little. I looked high and low, under and over, inside and out of everything. One of the other swimmers moms started helping me look. For some strange reason I decided to check in Miss Priss's mouth. Sure enough there sat my engagement ring. She obviously thought it was a jolly rancher and was letting it sit and melt. WHAT THE CRAP! I almost had a pure heart attack right then and there. I mean not only could she have chocked on it but she could have swallowed it. I don't think J. Moran would appreciate sifting through poop to find my engagement ring. Actually I know it wouldn't have done it at all.


Later on today we were in the nursery playing. I ran to the kitchen to grab my cell phone because someone was calling. When I got back I looked at her as she was playing with her travel suitcase my mother just got her for Easter. The tags were still on it. She was hacking a little but sometimes she does that. So we played for about another 15 minutes when I decided it was time for food. As I am holding her and walking she hacks up a whole tag. The WHOLE TAG. No pieces missing. I mean seriously. A round paper tag came out of her.

So for all you new moms and moms to be..know that they put everything in their mouth. Rings, tags, and all.

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